Product Designer (UI/UX designer)

About the Company

Vigo Retail is started with a vision to solve core problems across the Retail value chain. Traditional market size in India is  1Trillion$ opportunity – key players in this market are Millions of Mom&Pop aka Kirana stores, Thousands of Suppliers and Lakhs of Distributors across the country. These players face several challenges – Kirana stores have a demand for reliable supply of products, at the right price, and the right time. Accessibility to credit finance, and manage their day to day operations efficiently with tech enabled intelligent solutions. Distributors are on the look for better Inventory turnaround and ROI, whereas Suppliers & Brands need more reach, and market intelligence. Vigo Retail provides a platform for all of these players, enabling each of them to be successful by solving their problems.

We are a Series A Tech enabled B2B startup, backed by marquee inventors across the globe, already successful in the Vietnam Market, which is similar to the Indian market. We are on the lookout for key product and Tech talents, based out of Chennai, India.

About the Role

Product designers in Vigo are expected to be highly passionate about customer experience, and craft intuitive designs, with simplicity at its core, as most of our customers are based in non urban cities with a lower adoption of technology. 

Product designer is also expected to be a User Researcher who can visit our customers, gather feedback, and continuously iterate to deliver the best product experience. 

We are obsessed with customer experience – whatever decisions we make are based on customer-first principles. 

Product designer is expected to be an independent problem solver, and proactive in solving design problems. This means, being able to deep dive on design problems without being asked by the Product manager, and proactively discover problems, and provide suggestions.

Ownership: Have an entrepreneurial mindset who takes full responsibility for end to end planning and execution. 

Working with stakeholders: Product designers are expected to be working with product managers, technical team and be a part of the core team that decides the product strategy and roadmap. Product managers are expected to collect feedback from Internal teams such as Sales, Growth and Operations.


  • 3+ years as UI/UX designer in an eCommerce or technology enabled Logistics product company.
  • Strong experience in Wireframing and design tools such as Figma
  • Excellent verbal and written communication. Ability to clearly articulate reasons for trade offs in designs, technology and decision making.
  • Visual design skills, especially in the construction of visual hierarchies, and attention to detail on typography, spacing, and color
  • A portfolio demonstrating relevant design capabilities is required. 

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